Thursday, October 29, 2009

Portable Antivirus

Smadav 7.1 and Ansav beta

Small Portable Antivirus made in Indonesia which can sweep away all viruses. Smadav and Ansav had been well known to be able to fight viruses as well as protect PC. These tiny anti virus has been accompanied by real time protector as PC Guard. Smadav can recognise and defeat more than 3178 kinds of virus while Ansav can recognise and clean more than 1503 kinds of virus. Brontok, Rontokbro, flu burung, kangen, latifah, Sality are just a few virus that Smadav and Ansav can clean completely, many thousands viruses can be completely handled and swept away.

Benefit of using Smadav is:

1. Very light
2. Very fast in scanning
3. Very fast in cleaning the virus
4. Smadav has Smart Protection as PC Guard
5. Scan usb flashdisk very fast
6. Recognise Virus both from Indonesia and abroad
7. It can clean the virus and it can restore the infected file , it doesn't suggest to delete the infected file.

Benefit of using Ansav is:
1. Very portable
2. Very fast and compact
3. Recognise all viruses even the suspected low level trojan
4. It has varian that can run on linux, so it can run on windows and other version can run on linux.
5. It has real time protector



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PC Media Anti Virus 2.2 Valkyrie

PCMAV is the biggest anti virus in Indonesia. It has more than 3000 signatures of viruses. PCMAV can detect the virus fast, it updates everymonths.

Benefit of using PCMAV
1. Fast Detection.
2. Documents Safe.
3. System Recovery.
4. Totally Clean.
5. Accurate.
6. Pro-Active Protection.
7. Automatic Updates.
8. New Virus Detection.
9. Scan Entirely.
10. Dual-Core Engine Antivirus PCMAV & ClamAV
11. Friendly User Interface.
12. PORTABLE (Without Installation)
13. Trusted Expert.
14. PC Media Fully Support.
15. FREE.


Portable Anti Virus 1.6.392

Portable Antivirus is a tool to scan,remove,detect,and anti virus
Portable Antivirus is used to scan and remove local or widely threat that currently not detected by any commercial antivirus. Portable Antivirus is a small antivirus build to remove certain variant of virus, trojan and spyware from your computer.

Portable Antivirus is free to distribute, free to scan and free to use. Portable Antivirus currently built to remove more than 200+ viruses includes Virus, Worm, Trojan, Spyware, adware. Scan & remove an infected files from all fixed and removable drives or make your own choice.
Smaller size and can be fit to your thumb drive even also to your floppy disk.
Automatic prompt for update if available


Simple Machine Protect 1.94

SMP Anti Virus is very light that you can use it from usb flash disk. It can clean virus, trojan, and malware.

Try it out.


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